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I was in Las Vegas speaking at the Financial Brand Forum last week. When I had a bit of downtime, I popped into a Starbucks to grab a coffee. No one in line ahead of me, I quickly ordered from the woman at the register and waited. I waited while multiple people strolled in, grabbed their coffee and walked out dodging the register all together. These people weren’t teens or young adults, they were 45-55 year old people hacking a system that they surely didn’t start, but are thoroughly enjoying. Brands have to understand that it’s important to cater to youth culture not only to grab the attention of young people, but because innovation trickles up and down through the generations. Convenience has no age limits. 

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Upcoming speaking events:
5/8: Retail Innovation Conference, New York, NY
5/16: KC Digital Summit, Overland Park, KS
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6/9: Private event, Hong Kong

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